Shipping policy

As another coronavirus wave grows across the continent of Europe, countries are heading back into different forms of lockdown in a bid to limit the spread of coronavirus.

The delivery in the following countries imposing lockdown is likely delayed.
The UK, Germany, France, Belgium, Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Austria, Czech Republic

For example, local delivery companies like Yodel, Royal Mail, and Hermes in the UK are all expected to have a delay in the delivery.

The number of flights from our store/factory to Europe or the USA decreases due to the lockdown, while the shipping demands are on a rise in Q4. All these lead to on-going increases in shipping time and prices. Typically, shipping and handling take between 7-14 days. However, due to the factors outlined above, please allow an additional 7-days period.

We'll keep you updated on important changes in shipping & delivery.